Why you should hire a sourcing agent in Asia

When looking for the best options to acquire products or services, most of the companies around the globe opt for outsourcing them, since this way they can get a wider range of options and far better prices. But more options and prices also mean a lot more work to do, to reach different places, companies, and clients, so most of the time, businesses hire a sourcing agent that can help them with that job, and lots of those agents are in Asia. Why Asia? You might ask, well here you have some reasons to hire a sourcing agent in Asia:
The Asian market: It’s not a secret that Asian industries supply most of the goods consumed around the world, so if your company is going to outsource products, it must look for Asia first. Having a sourcing agent that works in that geographic area means that you have a more direct connection with the main source, and knows the market and its details
Language: One of the more obvious difficulties one can confront when doing business with Asian companies is the language difference. Although English is almost a universal language, especially in the world of commerce, you might find providers with a low or inexistent knowledge of English, which can slow down negotiations or cause misunderstandings. A sourcing agent that can communicate properly with both parties can help make the exchange more pleasant and faster.
Getting quality goods: Some places like China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh have a reputation for offering low-quality goods, even when not all factories and businesses work that way. You will need someone that can ensure you that you’re working with a quality supplier and that the products you’re buying are up to your standards since you can’t be completely sure of that by yourself if you’re on the other side of the globe.
Connections and contacts: The best way to find better options and prices is to have good relationships with providers. This won’t be possible to get right away if you’re just starting in the outsourcing world, but sourcing agents are experts that manage a network of different companies, clients, and people they can trade and negotiate with. The more experience and reputation they have, the more possible it is that they can get you better deals.
The right sourcing agent can be a fundamental key for a company’s growth and maintenance over time. Always look for agents with a good reputation; a professional agent will always have references from other clients, from both your location and work field and outside of your location or field. Go also for agents with experience exporting products to your country, and search for the best location to get the products or services you need, so you can find an agent that works in that geographic area. Being so far away from the providers can be a challenge for any business, so choose a partner that you feel can help you the best so the whole process is easier and more satisfactory.

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