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Five Great Additions to Your Home For the Summer

Here in the Midwest, many parts of the country are covered with snow. Now is a great time to rest and enjoy the fresh air. When summer begins, it’s the perfect time to furnish your home for fun and entertainment.

Many people tend to buy in the spring when the spring sale is on and as a result; they do not have time to buy individual pieces like pillows and throws. When looking for ways to have your home look and feel fresh for the summer; there are several options.

Throw rugs

Working under the theme of existing furniture, throw rugs are an easy way to add a splash of color and warmth to your home. Large rugs can cover high foot traffic areas or add warmth with sisal throw rugs. You can also use them as a wall decoration. Use patterns such as stripes and plaid for a country-inspired look or shapes and stripes for more modern furniture styles.

balls and other game pieces

Turn your home into a play area for your children. Stuffed animals and balls along with whimsical scraps of pioneering or coastal lounge sacrifice 57 or give your home a casual, yet fun look. You might be surprised how happy your children are playing on these rugs.

Tasteful quilts

It’s welcoming at its best to have quilts reflecting your personal style. Pillow shams can be used to decorate a bed set, a sofa or a club chair. You can choose an accent color for the throw and choose coordinating or contrast patterned quilts for a finish. Use cotton materials for the most comfortable and luxurious experience.

Throw blankets

When making a purchasing decision on throw blankets, consider what you’re using it for. If you are worried about stains, especially on a picnic blanket, consider investing in a duvet cover because it will protect the blanket from spills and stains. You can also protect your throw pillows, if you need to, by using a cover. This will also add to the life and look of your blankets. One of the best versatile choices is to use a large cotton throw blanket. This can serve various purposes at the same time; both a decorating tool and a protective cloth preventing dirt and stains. Throw blankets can be used to accent a bed or use as a tapestry when you need a little extra warmth.


Shades can be your most versatile piece; even topped with a table runner. Consider using a carriage-style shade, curtains with tassels, or invest in beautiful cut floral fabric. Shades can be draped over the back of chairs, for a cuddly seating area. Add a splash of color with flowering patterned shower curtains or even just a simple cotton tieback.

Room Divider Screens

Room divider screens are also a decorative addition to your home. They are both functional and appealing. Consider using a texture and color that will complement other fabrics in the room. Consider different pieces both with and without cushions to create a unique look. Room screen dividers are made in different materials; displaying the durability and style of the pieces in your home. Using a room divider will make a home feel more intimate.

Stackable Containers

Look inside a storage unit and see all of your guessing games come out in the open. Containers can be stacked or grouped for a lazy layout look that will help you to discover different ideas for the space. Custom storage is also a great way to introduce a capable organization equal to the ultimate storage style. Consider using stackable wooden or plastic containers to create extra shelves. You can also buy storage boxes that fit inside other containers to maximize the space available.

Custom Dried Flowers or Plants

You are a nature lover or someone with a green thumb. If you are a flower enthusiast who likes to test the difference between daffodils, why not purchase a few fellow and use them to adorn your shopping cart. They can be placed on small inexpensive planters that will hold the plants standing upright. To show them off to your guests or even to the kids, consider adding some of your favorite flowers. Plants that do not have a talent or an opportunity to be cultivated in your yard may be an excellent gift for your family and friends. Consider daffodils for the kitchen and lavender to greet you when you open your home on holiday. Let them dance around on your edges to make your home holiday welcoming effortless.

Use Your Imagination

Your home can be a place you find peaceful solitude after a long day but don’t forget about the other places you frequent on a daily basis. Coffee tables can become amazing works of art in your guest bath.